Neuro Platform is a tool for machine learning (ML) development, focused on providing a best-in-class developer experience.

A proper ML development environment means hundreds of saved hours and a smooth project. Neuro Platform collects the best ML tool kit customized for you.

One platform - The best of two worlds.

Software development. Treat your models as code. Benefit from VCS, remote debugging in your favorite IDEs, exhaustive CI/CD testing, and other tools for building stable, efficient software.

Machine learning. Your experimentation and analysis tools on hand. Easily start services like Jupyter and TensorBoard. Improve your models with hyperparameter tuning, enable model training status notifications, and integrate other open-source and commercial ML tools into your pipeline.

Workflow Diagram

Neuro reduces the number of services and abstractions you have to deal with. It hides all the boilerplate under the hood and comes straight to your cloud - GCP, AWS, Azure, or Oracle. It lets you:

✓ Collaborate easily. Seamlessly and securely share datasets, environments, results, and live development sessions with your team.

✓ Forget about multiple logins and access tokens. All you need is one login into our CLI.

✓ Manipulate your data, code, and results, as though they were on your own remote server.

✓ Run experiments with one line in CLI and see their status in the terminal and on our Platform website.

✓ Enjoy flexible development environments. Use one of the presets provided by us or build your own as Docker images.

✓ Follow the best software development and ML engineering practices while prototyping applied AI solutions.

✓ Create projects of any complexity. Solve tasks efficiently, from rapid tuning of existing solutions to implementing your own models from scratch.

Neuro Platform is consultant supported. We work with you to build the most efficient ML development environment for your needs. Our platform is constantly improving, integrating new tools and methodologies, both open-source and proprietary, to further push the envelope of ML development.


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